So Friday afternoon we decided to watch Bahubali. We are a bunch of geeks who code for living.


Tickets were a bit expensive but we were really curious, reading with positive reviews all over (five stars and all). The expectation was watching desi Lord of the rings equivalent. So winning argument in favour of watching Bahubali was “if they have sepnd 250cr making it, it should be worth spending extra 150 Rs. to watch it”. Argument is sily but fine, everyone really wanted to watch it. So we applied 20% discount offer on bookmyshow and booked the tickets.

We reached in time. And it began. Waterfall scenes were mesmerizing. Initial few minutes we were convinced that Bahubali is no ordinary boy .. he has great powers. Fine. He finds the mask and he decides to reach top. Fine. As he reached top of the waterfall and the love story story begins

Oh man .. from then until the interval it was crap [Crapbali]. Tatoo in flowing water, the heroine leading warriors and then convincing the tribe leader to have Bahubali lead them .. all so unconvincing even with creative freedom. We were looking at each other with the feeling what crap are we watching.

Alright post interval Bada Bahubali appears and then things were bit more interesting. Battle scene was epic and most of did enjoy it. But it wasn’t without flaws either. How come Rani maa could watch such huge battlefield like she is in some balcony watching a football or a cricket match .. and many more such logical questions.

Then as we were walking back to office, we stopped at a cafe and then discussions started

PD: Arey, me and Pi have a question for you
ME: Ok..
Pi: Who was the old lady who carried baby Bahubali through stream
ME: Umm.. had same question in my mind but let me think
RR: See Rani maa was not Bahubali’s real mother she was Duggubati’s mother, right?
ME: You mean Bada Bahubali..
Pi: What about Devsena

Finally we came to some conclusion.

There were more discussions and debates as we ordered some food. Two things everyone agreed

  • First half was utter crap
  • Second half was entertaining for sure but with many flaws

Best scene in the movie

Kattappa doing Shahrukh Khan in a scene where he runs to kill chota Bahubali, changes his mind midway as he running and slides


They could have done better job with dialogues. I mean

Mera vachan hi shaasan hai

wait .. what?

Songs are forgettable, not sure why are they even there.

Good movies stay in it’s acceptable genre limits. For example many Govinda/Jim carry comedy movies do try to be serious. They often do one thing and do it well. Epic/Superhero/Disaster movies has great graphics but most of the times do not try to be stupid love story.

Bahubali appeared to be intense historical fiction filled with struggle for power, battles, politics. Sure there is place for tender love and human relations provided they are convincing. You can’t turn on stupid mode for an hour long love story and then switch serious mode when second half begins.

Bahubali is big budget movie so there was no lack of resources to make a great movie. Still you can’t help but get the feeling that the epic battle scene is the only (technology) achievement but other than that movie just disappoints on all fronts.

And if you ask me to rate the movie... well two stars or may be just one star .

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