Visapur trek | Route

Visapur is one the twin forts of Lohgad and Visapur near Lonavala. Visapur is less popular than Lohgad but no less beautiful. However route to Visapur is often confuses even the regular trekkers. While we were planning Lohgad trek last month I couldn’t find any route on Internet. So I did track the route.

I used My Tracks android application by Google.

About the route Like described at this blog there are four options to Visapur. We took the ‘Patan gaon’ option.

From Pune we boarded 6.30am Mumbai local and reached Malvali at around 7.30am. Our friends coming from Mumbai had to go to Lonavala and then back to Malvali. From Malvali station we crossed the railway tracks and started walking towards Patan gaon. There is a flyover after station where you see Pune Mumbai express highway.

After a short walk Visapur is visible and then in another hour and half we were at the top.

Note that the return route is different. That is beacuse while returning we took different route and lost the path but could manage with local villager’s help. I won’t suggest returning that way.

Here is the route