xfce and ubuntuone

I do like Ubuntu Netbook Remix’s UI. However with 10.04 it’s just gone so unstable for me.

  • After login when system prompts for keyring secret, UNR environment crashes and drops to gnome. I have to relogin if I need UNR env.
  • After I removed a few packages it could not just start gnome panel causing a great inconvenience. I guess this is due to Evolution integration with latest Ubuntu. Mail client I like and use is Thunderbird. I cant switch to Evolution.
  • Initially after 10.04 release it was damn slow to respond, so had to do some work around to get it to acceptable speed.

Considering all that I decided to switch to Xfce. It just worked like charm. But now I also use (and like :) ) UbuntuOne service for my backup. UbuntuOne is not integrated for XFCE. Also you cant do everything from UbuntuOne’s cli.

For more details you might want to check Ubuntu One wiki .